Pest Control Equipment Truck - How About a Little Pride?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 27, 2012

We put a pest control sprayer in a Ford Transit last year. This week a tech brought the vehicle in for service. Here is a photo of the front passenger seat.

pest control equipment trash

We couldn't believe it.  How could a pest control professional drive around withi his vehicle in this condition?  Any pride here?

What would his customer's think if they saw this mess? They might think that if this pest control professional doesn't honor his own truck, why we he look out for my home and family.

I couldn't bear the mess. I had to clean out the mess before we serviced the pest control equipment.

I am reminded of a friend who used to own a Porsche.  The guy who owned the Porsche service facility he brought his vehicle to wouldn't allow dirty vehicles in the shop.  He would wash every car before it was allowed into his shop.

We are not there yet, but I would love to do business only with people who value their tools (in this case pest control spray rigs and trucks) as much as we do.