Pest Control Equipment - Safety is Free

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 23, 2008

Pest control equipment - is your toolbox - storage or flying lawsuit?

The first in a series of articles on pest control & weed control equipment safety. The costs of lack of safety can be big: injured employees, medical expenses, clean up expenses, increased insurance (auto, workers comp, liability) expenses, customer impacts, costs of hiring new employees, etc.

I recommend you periodically inspect your pest control equipment (or weed control) toolboxes for structural integrity.  The most common problem we see is that the metal (or fiberglass, plastic, etc.) around the bolts holding the box to the truck has weakened due to rust or other fatigue.

If an accident were to occur, these boxes could become airborne projectiles.  If this happens, it doesn't matter who's fault the accident was, you will be sued.

Check your toolboxes periodically to ensure they are properly secured to the truck.