Pest Control Equipment - Is it Attached? Part 3

Pest Control Equipment - Is it Attached? Part 3

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 1, 2017

This is the 3rd and final article in this series on Pest Control Equipment Security.  

The first article in this series focused on  pest control power sprayer security issues.  This article focuses on the need to secure the smaller pest control equipment.

As discussed in  first article on control equipment safety, unsecured equipment poses a risk to the equipment, the driver, others on the road.

Our  pest control equipment repair shop has a lot of experience repairing equipment that was damaged because it was unsecured.  The most common repair is to B&G 1 Gallon Sprayers.   The most common damage is to the B&G spray wand or to the pump handle.

This is an expensive piece of equipment that must be secured.  It can be put into a toolbox or secured in a  B&G Security rack or secured by other means.  

pest control equipment is it attached? part 3

It is not just B&G or Backpack sprayers that need to be secured.  In the prior article we talked about securing gas cans.  In the photo below you can see the inspection ladder casually laying on top of the equipment. It is unsecured and it is a big hazard.  The biggest risk is the driver hits a bump and the ladder bangs the equipment it is sitting on damaging an expensive pest control sprayer pump or motor or whatever.   Less likely, but more scary is if the driver hits the brakes or is in a head on collision, this ladder is going to become a deadly projectile.

pest control equipment safety

Other pest control equipment we see frequently damaged are termite rods, though any small equipment that is not secured or enclosed can easily become damaged.  Your pest control equipment is expensive.  Please take the time to inspect it and secure it.  If you have pest control techs working for you, train them to do the same and inspect their vehicles to ensure they are complying.