Pest Control Equipment - Freeze Damage is Expensive (part 2)

Pest Control Equipment - Freeze Damage is Expensive (part 2)

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 8, 2011

Freeze damage to pest control spray equipment is one of the easiest problems to avoid.  We see freeze damage even in AZ where freezing temperatures rarely occur.  Here is a photo of a B&G Pest Sprayer wand that cracked, because it was left under pressure over night when temperatures dropped.


All the pest control spray technician needed to do to prevent this was to release the pressure in the B&G by squeezing the trigger to let the water out of the wand.

In this case the tech worsened the freeze damage by squeezing the trigger multiple times, which caused the cable in the wand to be damaged after it rubbed against the split in the metal.

This past week our repair shop saw quite a bit of freeze damage, especially in Pest control sprayers and pest control spray rig.  Most of the damage was to power spray guns and plumbing fittings that were left full of water and under pressure when temperatures dropped.

Owners and managers need to train technicians to avoid this problem then check sprayers periodically to ensure that technicians are heeding the advice.