Pest Control Equipment - Are You Sure Its Attached?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 5, 2013

When it comes to your pest control equipment:

just because its in the vehicle, doesn't mean it is secure.

Need proof? Look at this photo of a tool box in a pest control vehicle.

pest control equipment rusted toolboxThe bottom of the toolbox is rusted out. Is this toolbox really attached to the vehicle? Do you want to find out?

My guess is that the toolbox, which is an important part of any pest control spray rig, is probably attached if nothing goes wrong. But that's the problem! Stuff goes wrong. There are accidents. We have to slam on the brakes. Someone cuts in front of us and we have to swerve to avoid them.

These are situations we need to plan for and ensure our pest control equipment (or weed spray equipment) is secure. My guess is that in an accident, this toolbox comes loose. What happens then is anyone's guess, although most any outcome is not good. Can you say lawsuit?

This is the kind of thing owners of spray equipment need to check.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Periodically inspect equipment to ensure it is attached.

2. Inspect toolboxes, pest control sprayers, pest control spray tanks & straps

3. Do a visual inspection first.

4. Do a push test. Shake the equipment. Is it secure.

5. Get under the vehicle. Are nuts and bolts secure and in good condition?

6. Pick some regular interval to perform the inspection. For example, if you have your oil changed quarterly, this is a good time to inspect.

7. Never assume it attached. Check it.