Our Newest Product - Rechargeable Inspection Flashlight

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 2nd 2018

New at Qspray.com and boy is this cool!  The 800 Lumen, Superbright Rechargeable Inspection Flashlight. 

This flashlight is great for pest control & termite control inspections.  You'll never need to worry about batteries again. You can recharge this baby with USB cable in your vehicle.    

rechargeable pest control flashlight

We bought a bunch of these and are able to offer them at the special low introductory price of just $22.99 (regularly $35).  

These lights are great for Termite Professionals, Pest Professionals, Home Inspectors, Insurance Adjustors, etc.

Comes with a USB cable that allows you to charge the flashlight, or use the flashlight to charge a phone.  NOTE: It does not have the plug that goes into the wall.

Has a Low or High Beam setting.  Provides you with up to 800 Lumens of light for up to 2 hours up to 285 Lumens of light for up to 4 hours

Beam can be focused from 8" diameter to 10' diameter (at 6' distance)

Color: black

Dimensions: approximately: 5" long x 1.5" wide (at head)

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