New IPM / Bed Bug Tool Press Release

New IPM / Bed Bug Tool Press Release

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 21, 2011

“The new IPM Pack Mule ™ tool kit is designed by Quality Equipment & Spray specifically for Pest Professionals practicing Integrated Pest Management. The IPM Pack Mule holds all your tools, glue boards, baits and aerosols needed to do your job with the most professional image. The IPM Pack Mule is perfect for IPM, Bed Bug and large commercial cleanouts. The product is made from heavy duty cordura and is virtually indestructible. The modular design lets you configure the belt to handle any job and boost technician productivity.”

IPM Pack Mule

I usually don't do blantant product advertisements in this blog.  This is our new product and we are quite proud of it.  We will not make a habit of flogging specific products.  That said, we would appreciate you blogging or twittering this press release to spread the word.