New at Qspray - Discount Spray Hose for Pest & Weed

New at Qspray - Discount Spray Hose for Pest & Weed

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 15, 2023

Low cost, Value Flex PVC spray hose is now in stock at

We have 3/8" and 1/2" Ag Spray Hose in 200' and 300' lengths.

This hose is rated at 800 PSI.

This is the lowest-price pest spray hose you will find.  

Our Value-Flex hose makes great pest control hose and weed control hose.

It is good quality PVC spray hose designed for moderate use.

It is made in South Korea, which is a strong US ally.

We have the hose at a special introductory low price as low as $.43/foot.

You will not find hose this cheap anywhere.

For all-day, every-day hard use, we recommend our top quality Flextral spray hose.

For most other applications this hose is great.

low cost pest spray hose

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Qspray stocks spray hose for every application in numerous price and quality ranges.


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