Meet the Buzz Duster the World's Best Long Reach Duster

Meet the Buzz Duster the World's Best Long Reach Duster

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 10, 2021

Pest control professionals, do you know about the Buzz Duster? The Buzz Duster is the world's  best long reach duster. It is specifically designed for you, the pest control professional.

This long-reach pest control duster allows you to apply pesticide dust and aerosols at heights up to 20 feet. You no longer need to carry around, set up, and climb up and down ladders to get those hard-to-reach spots.

What do you get when you purchase the  Buzz Duster

  • Handy Carrying Case 
  • Heavy Duty Extension Pole 
  • Heavy-duty pump that screws onto the extension pole 
  • Dust canister with applicator tip 
  • Aerosol applicator 
  • Scraper attachment 
  • And, we include a filter to extend the life of your Buzz Duster

The Buzz Duster duster stick helps you pest control professionals with safety, productivity, and profitability.

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Video Transcript:

Buzz Duster is the world's best long reach duster. It's designed specifically for pest control professionals to allow you to apply pesticide dust and aerosols at heights up to 20 feet.

So, what does that mean?

Number 1: Safety - No more climbing up and down ladders and no more reaching from a ladder trying to reach that spot. Now you can stand on the ground.

It also boosts your productivity. Your applications are faster. You don't have to carry the ladder from the truck to the house and then do your work up the ladder, then come down the ladder. Move the ladder, go back up the ladder etc.

So, productivity goes up and of course profitability goes up because now your stops are faster and you can offer these add-on services. These second-story services that in the past you might not have offered.

So safety, productivity, and profitability are all features that you will see with the Buzz Duster.

So what do you get in the box? First of all, you get this nice black carry case. And now we'll walk through each of the components individually.

First is the extension pole. This is a heavy-duty pole that expands from 56 inches to 154

inches and can lock down to just about any dimension in between those two numbers.

You get the heavy-duty pump that screws onto the extension pole. This is how you'll apply the dust. This is a heavy-duty pump that'll provide many years of service and

then the tools at the other end.

You get the dust canister which holds quite a bit of your preferred pesticide dust with an applicator tip.

You get the aerosol applicator. Has a long cord so you just stick your aerosol can in there pull on the cord it'll apply the aerosol exactly where you want it to go.

You get the scraper attachment for scraping wasps’ nests or whatever else off the house, on the second floor.

We also put a filter in there to extend the life of your Buzz Duster and prevent problems and we even throw in some extra filters in there for you. So don't wait, get your Buzz Duster today.

You can get yours at or contact your professional pest control distributor.

Thanks for watching.

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