Landscape Sprayers - How does that work?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 19, 2008

I received a call today from a gentleman in CA who was starting a lawn fertilizing business. He saw the large variety of landscape sprayers on our site and wanted to check prices. I asked a few questions, like what type of fertilizer will you be applying and how many gallons of product will you apply at each stop?

He did not know. I explained to him that the answers to these types of questions are critical to the type of weed control sprayers we design.

He had obviously gotten pricing from other vendors. How can they possibly provide a product that will meet his needs? The caller immediately saw the validity of the questions. He said he would find the answers and call me back.

I wonder if I should have tried a little harder to sell him a power spray rig and if I will hear back from him.


Andrew Greess
Spray Equipment Expert
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