Is Your Toolbox A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

Is Your Toolbox A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 1, 2013

A toolbox is an important part of pest control sprayers / weed sprayers equipment.  Most pest control and weed control professionals have a toolbox in the vehicle.

pest control spray rig toolboxIn my experience, most of those pest and weed professional also assume the toolbox is securely fastened in the truck.  This might be the case, but it is important to know for sure and not to assume.

This photo shows a perfect example of the problem.  A customer for whom we installed a pest spray rig many years ago came in recently for a new toolbox.

When we removed the old toolbox, this is what we found. This is a view of the old toolbox looking up from the bottom (or what used to be the bottom).  Almost the entire bottom of this steel toolbox had rusted out.

If this vehicle had been in an accident, I would venture that there was a 100% chance the toolbox would have come loose.  What happens when a toolbox goes flying in an accident?

I am not sure but I would venture that injury and lawsuit are two likely outcomes.

Here are some tips:

1. Periodically remove the contents of the toolbox and do an inspection

2. Pay particular attention to the area around the bolts in the bottom of the toolbox that are securing the toolbox. This material may get fatigued and weakened, which means it may not hold in the event of an accident.

3. Clean out the toolbox with a cloth and mild detergent. Be sure to dry the toolbox to prevent rust.

4. Examine the toolbox bolts under the vehicle. Are bolts and nuts present and in good condition?

5. You don't need to inspect your toolbox every day. Once a quarter is plenty. Give yourself a reminder to check the toolbox when you get the vehicle oil changed.

Hope this helps. Comments?