Is My Power Spray Equipment Safe?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 10, 2012

If you own a company that uses Pest Control Sprayers or Weed Control Sprayers, this is a question you should be asking.

spray equipment safety

Look at this photo of a truck that came in for service this week.

While it came in for other issues, our skilled technicians noticed that the power sprayer Honda motor mount was not well secured.  It was attached to the truck by one old bolt.

What would happen if this vehicle were in a collision?  We can argue about the severity but clearly the answer "nothing good" is accurate.

Equipment damage, bodily injury, lawsuits are all possibilities.

Please inspect your pest control spray equipment.  If you or your staff are not qualified to do so, find someone  who it.  You work too hard on your business to lose it in a lawsuit over something preventable.