IPM Pack Mule - Boost Your IPM Productivity

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 11, 2023

The B&G IPM Pack Mule by is a great pest control IPM tool for pest control professionals.

The B&G Pack Mule fits over your 1 Gallon B&G sprayer and allows you to carry the tools you need on your B&G Sprayer.  No more trips back to the truck.  No more juggling tools in both hands.  Remove the black plastic B&G tank top and install the pack mule.

The Pack Mule contains 3 pockets to carry your important pest control IPM products:

Aerosol Can Pocket holds your favorite aerosol insecticide.  The pocket is padded so the pocket stays open and the can slides in easily, unlike other aerosol can pockets that require 2 hands.  This pocket can also hold an 8 oz pest control granule shaker if you prefer.

Duster Pocket - holds your preferred pest control duster.  This pockets holds all of the most popular manual pest control insecticide dusters.

Glue Board Pocket holds a full box (72) of your favorite pest control glue boards.

The B&G Pack Mule can be customized with any combination of these 3 pockets (small additional charge applies).

This unique design makes this tool superior to all other B&G Can Covers.

Imagine carrying all your IPM supplies in one hand!  Now you can with the B&G Pack Mule.

Now at a special low price.  Quantity discounts available.  Get yours today.

B&G Tool carrier

IPM Pack Mule