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Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 25, 2009

Gary Ross - VP Prentiss. You need the best IPM Tools.  Check out our IPM Tool Belt.

1. Evaluate your market.
How green is your market (left and right coasts are way ahead)
How tolerant will you customers be of pests?
What are your customers main concerns?

2. Green programs are based on IPM.  Follow the IPM Pyramid.

Start with:
Physical/Structural Remediation - seal, caulk, door sweeps, trim trees, etc.

Mechanical Controls - sanitation, vacuuming, glue boards

Natural products - biologicals, botanicals, minerals

Non-repellents products

Convention products.

Based on your definition of green pest management, develop your service protocol.

- Service frequency
- Type of construction
- seasonal pest activity

3. Develop a contract.  will it be the same or different for conventional vs. green program? set pricing

4. Develop a marketing plan for your service, including a name for your green program.

be sure to talk to state regulatory agency to see what is allowed/prohibited.

Andrew Greess