How to Use a Backpack Sprayer

How to Use a Backpack Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 31, 2022

A Birchmeier backpack pump sprayer

backpack pump sprayer is a great way to handle any pest, weed, or termite problem. These backpack sprayers use battery power, making them portable, convenient, and easy to use. They're designed for professionals who need reliable everyday equipment designed to withstand wear and tear while delivering accurate and consistent spraying performance.

Whether you’re using a cordless backpack sprayer or one with a cord, it is a straightforward process. Here's how to operate it and maintain it to ensure its effectiveness for years to come.

 1. Start With a Professional-Grade Sprayer

Choosing the right sprayer is essential. You should always use high-quality, professional-grade power sprayers from trusted brands like Birchmeier or FlowZone so you can count on durable equipment that lasts.

2. Assemble the Sprayer If It's Not Put Together

You need to assemble your backpack sprayer if it isn’t already. Make sure all of the parts are there and that they're properly assembled before using your backpack pump sprayer. Instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer. Make sure to read them thoroughly before using the sprayer.

3. Prepare the Chemicals and Mix With Water if Required

Make sure that all of the necessary chemicals are prepared. Always check if any water is required to mix properly with your chosen product. Follow all directions provided on the chemical's label. Wear the appropriate safety gear when working with these products.

4. Pour the Chemical Mixture Into the Sprayer Slowly

With the herbicides or pesticides ready to use, open the backpack sprayer’s tank and begin to fill it. Pour the chemical slowly into the tank so that it doesn't create a sudden surge of pressure that could cause you to spill the mixture. Once you have poured it all to the desired level, close the tank and screw its lid on tightly.

5. Put the Backpack Sprayer on Your Back

Now you can put the backpack pump sprayer on your back. Position it so that it's sitting evenly and securely on your back in a way that allows you to walk comfortably. Tighten all the straps until they fit snugly to keep the sprayer in place.

6. Prime the Sprayer to Build Pressure

Now you're ready to start spraying with your cordless backpack sprayer or any other type of backpack sprayer. To get started, you need to prime the sprayer. This simply means that you need to build up pressure in the backpack sprayer. You can do this by pumping the sprayer handle up and down repeatedly. Do this every five seconds to maintain continuous pressure in the backpack pump sprayer tank. 

7. Spray the Chemical by Pulling the Trigger

Time to apply your chemical; simply pull the trigger to release it. Be sure to cover all of the areas that you want to treat.

Taking Care of Your Backpack Sprayer

To ensure your backpack sprayer remains in good condition, you must follow the manufacturer’s directions for care and upkeep. If you are unsure about how to take care of your backpack pump sprayer, follow these simple tips:

  • Always check your filters in the handle and the lid
  • Clean out the tank with clean water regularly
  • Watch the pressure on your backpack sprayer to avoid overpressurizing it
  • Ensure all parts are well lubricated 
  • Practice preventative maintenance

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