How to Select a Bee Suit

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 11, 2012

Here are some thoughts on selecting a top quality, well-fitting bee suit.

Color.  Beekeeping suits should be white or yellow.  Dark colors attract and enrage bees.

Fit.  Beekeeper suits should be loose to be worn over street clothes and not restrict your movement at all.  Usually we recommend buying a bee suit a size larger than you would normally buy your street clothes.

Material.  Cotton breathes.  Polyester is durable.  We recommend a blend of the two materials for optimal use and results.

Style.  The style of bee suit you need is mostly based upon personal preference.

The two most popular styles are:

Hooded Bee Suit – The hood is integral part of the suit that attaches via zipper.  Some people prefer this style because it doesn’t require the use of a bee helmet.

Deluxe Complete Suit – This suit includes a bee helmet  (bee hat) that the bee veil sits on top of.  It does provide a 360 degree view to the wearer that the hooded suit does not provide.

Bee Jacket – For occasional users that are comfortable around bees. Usually worn with heavy duty blue jeans.

Gloves.  It is critical that gloves are long enough to extend up the arm to prevent a gap between glove and suit.

Additional Features.  Look for additional safety features when selecting your bee keeper suit.   Look for safety features such as thumb loops to prevent the sleeves from riding up your arms and Velcro flaps to cover zippers to prevent bees from sneaking in.