How Much Does a Bee Suit Cost?

How Much Does a Bee Suit Cost?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 7, 2022

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If you work around bees, you know the importance of having protective clothing that will keep you safe. One of the biggest questions you might have in mind is: how much does a bee suit cost? The cost can vary depending on the quality, features, and type of suit you buy. This blog post will discuss the different factors that affect how much a professional bee suit costs.

Factors That Go into the Cost of a Bee Suit

There are a few factors to consider when determining how much a bee suit costs.

Material of the Suit

The first is the type of material the suit is made from. So, what are bee suits made of? A professional-grade bee suit will likely be made of quality materials like a blend of cotton and polyester, which can increase the price. Cotton provides breathability and comfort during extended periods of wear, while polyester enhances the suit’s durability and resistance to bee stings and tears.

Our Bee Suits are crafted from this blend to offer the best of both worlds, ensuring the wearer’s safety and comfort. Understanding the materials and construction of bee suits is crucial when evaluating the question: how much does a bee suit cost? These factors directly influence both the suit’s effectiveness and its price.

Bee Suit Size

The second factor that affects the cost of a bee suit is its size. Generally, larger bee suits cost more due to the additional required material that bee suits are made of. Bee suits are designed to be worn over regular clothing, necessitating a larger size than normal to accommodate this layering. Our range includes sizes up to 6XL, ensuring a fit for every body type and providing ample space for movement and comfort.

Bee Suit Features

The third factor is the number of features the bee suit has. Additional features, such as ventilated fabric for added comfort during warmer months or extras like bee gloves, can increase the suit’s cost. As you consider how much a bee suit costs in relation to its quality and features, keep in mind that these enhancements are designed to improve the overall experience by providing extra protection and comfort under various conditions. We pride ourselves on offering bee suits with essential features, including free leather gloves with every purchase, to enhance safety and usability for beekeepers at all levels.

Ultimately, how much you’re willing to spend on a bee suit depends on your needs and preferences. A basic, no-frills suit will likely cost less than a model with additional technical features. However, safety should always be the top priority when choosing a bee suit. So, if you can afford to spend a little extra for the material that the bee suit is made of, buying a model that will provide the best protection is worth it.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

So, how much does a bee suit cost? When you’re looking for a bee suit, expect to spend anywhere from $43 to $90 on a good quality bee suit. Keep in mind that the price of a bee suit varies depending on various factors, as mentioned above. At, we currently offer professional bee suits and jackets at different prices:

Why Buying a Good Quality Bee Suit Matters

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Now that we’ve answered the question ‘how much does a bee suit cost’, it’s time to look at why buying a quality suit matters. Whether you’re a beekeeper or a professional specializing in safe bee relocation, it’s important to understand the risks of dealing with bees without proper protective clothing. Buying a quality suit ensures you’re well protected from bee stings, which can be painful and potentially dangerous, especially for those with allergies, as they can cause severe allergic reactions.

The peace of mind that also comes with wearing a protective bee suit can’t be overstated. Handling bees can be stressful, especially for new beekeepers or those particularly sensitive to stings. A good bee suit helps to alleviate anxiety, allowing you to focus on the task at hand, whether it’s honey collection, hive maintenance, or bee relocation. This focus is crucial for your safety and the bee colony’s health.

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