How Much Do Telestep Ladders Cost?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Mar 18, 2013

How much do telestep ladders cost? This is a question I am often asked.

Telesteps 1600EP telescoping laddeTelestep ladders range in price from about $190 to $400 depending on where you purchase the ladder and whether or not shipping is included in the price.

Telestep telescoping ladders range from 10.5 feet long (with a 14' climbing height) to 14.5 feet long (with an 18' climbing height). Taller ladders cost more than shorter ladders.

Telestep ladders also come with a number of different features. Some ladders have wider steps for more comfortable and safer climbing. Wider steps cost more than regular width steps.

All telestep ladders carry ANSI & OSHA certifications. Some telestep ladders are rated as "Type 1" which can carry a load of 250 pounds. Other telestep ladders are rated as "Type 1A" which can carry a load of 300 pounds. Type 1A ladders will cost more.

When shopping for telestep ladders be sure to consider total cost. Total cost includes the cost of the telestep ladder, shipping, sales tax and any other fees associated with the purchase. Some stores offer free shipping but charge a higher price for the ladder.

Telestep ladders cost more than the cheap copies that seem to be available everywhere.

Be sure to select the right ladder for your job, considering all the available features and the total cost of getting the ladder to you.