Hose Reel Super Swivels - A Great Product

Hose Reel Super Swivels - A Great Product

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 21, 2019

Super swivels are a great product that are used on many models of Hannay Hose Reels and Cox Hose Reels.

Super swivels are a heavy duty option for your hose reel.  Hose reel Super Swivels are made of steel, and can handle up to 5000 PSI, which is more than most brass swivels.  The most common Super Swivel is the 90 degree swivel with grease zerc and female pipe thread on both ends.

We think Super Swivels are more durable than brass swivels.  One reason is the Super Swivel uses steel ball bearings and grease zerc which extend super swivel life.

Super swivels, like all your pest & landscape spray equipment, will require maintenance.  Super swivel repair kits are available from

Here is video on how to repair your Super Swivel using the super swivel repair kit:

Qspray stocks your Super Swivel in 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes, along with the repair kits.

Here is the Super Swivel Rebuild sheet for download.