High Pressure Shurflo 8000 Series Pump & Motor

High Pressure Shurflo 8000 Series Pump & Motor

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 12, 2017

The Shurflo 12-volt 8000 Series pump and motor is a lower volume but high-pressure pump. It is great for residential pest and lawn control applications. It's max 100 psi easily pushes through 300 feet of hose. This 8000 Series pump has two models one with a ½" female pipe threading and also a ½" male pipe threading. 

One great benefit of the  Shurflo 8000 pump is that it is modular. Five different kits make up the pump and can be replaced/rebuilt. carries every one of those kits so that you won't have to be down for an extended period of time in case of a breakdown. Ordering online is quick and easy visit

 Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment, Today, I'm talking about the Shurflo 12‑volt 8000 Series pump and motor.

We love the Shurflo pump, particularly the 8000 Series. We use the 8000 Series on almost all our electric power sprayers. We like it because it's high pressure. It's lower volume, but it's high pressure.

This little pump can push through 300 feet of hose with no problem. We stock this pump. This model has female pipe threads on the pump head. We also have it with male pipe threads.

As I mentioned, this pump can push through 300 feet of 3/8‑inch hose without any problem. It's great for pest control and weed control applications, not for high‑volume applications but for those residential pest control, residential weed control, it's a great pump.

It's completely modular. It has five different kits that go into rebuilding this pump. We stock them all, so you'll never be down for an extended period of time. We always have your back at Quality Equipment,

This is the Shurflo 8000 Series pump. Please visit us at, and thanks for watching.