Great Wide Beam Hands Free Flashlight

Great Wide Beam Hands Free Flashlight

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 5, 2017

New to our QSpray inventory and it's making waves, light waves! The 375 Lumen Wide Beam hands free flashlight is small and bright. There is a heavy-duty clip that allows you to conveniently hook it onto your shirt for a hands-free work light and not have to worry about it bending or snapping. Smart and convenient the base is a powerful magnet, so if you are working on your car it sticks to the hood or will stay in place on any other metal surface. Another great feature is the ability to switch it to a red flashing light in case of an emergency. It only takes 3 AAA batteries and it very cost effective. 

Find it at

Andrew Greess: Hi. This is Andrew Greess. Today I'm talking about a beautiful new flashlight we just got in at This is a 375 lumen wide beam hands‑free flashlight.

There's a couple of really beautiful features about this. One is it's really bright. It can also blink red for flashing for emergencies. A couple of nice things are it's got a clip so you can put it in your shirt and go hands‑free for inspections like termite inspections.

The other thing that's beautiful about this light is it's got a magnetic base, so if you are working on your car, you can stick it to the hood.

If you're doing a termite work, you're in a basement, you can stick it to anything metal and it will stay there.

It takes 3 AA batteries. It's very cost effective. You can find this at

Here's the packaging. Please visit us at