Gator Weed Sprayer - Damage is Avoidable 2

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 2, 2012

Gator Weed Sprayer brought in for service.  We immediately noticed a number of problems with the Gator Sprayer.

gator weed sprayer chemical tank spillThis is the same weed sprayer as the prior post with the bad tires.   This photo of an herbicide (preemergent) covered poly tank.

Problems I see:

1. employees operating the weed sprayer will get exposed to herbicide.  This bad for the employee and its bad for the organization.   What would a workers comp case based on chemical exposure cost you?

2. Its time to GIVE A SHIT!   It sure looks like the weed spray tech didn't care about his health or his job.  How could the company supervisor, manager, owner not see this and call time out?  It reminds me of this internet oldie but goodie photo.

3. What message are you sending to the public? Often gator sprayers are used around apartments, offices, golf courses.  All areas where the public may come in contact.  Unsafe.  Unprofessional.  Unsightly.

4. Inviting government inspection.  Could word or image of this get to regulatory agencies?  Why take the chance?