Gas Powered Spray Rigs - Avoid Downtime

Gas Powered Spray Rigs - Avoid Downtime

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 6, 2011

Gas powered spray rigs are used by pest control and weed control professionals. They can be great pieces of equipment that support your business and contribute to profitability. Here is a problem to avoid with gas powered sprayers.

Water in gas

A technician came in last week. We had repaired his Honda engine a few weeks ago and he was having another problem. He said what we did must not have worked (amazingly - it is always our fault).

It turned out he had bad gas in his engine. The gas was contaminated with water. In this photo you can see a new tool Honda has provided us. We put the gas into the device and the gas and water separate. it is hard to see in the photo, but this gas had 5% water in it.

The most common sources of bad gas:

- leave gas cap off engine - water gets in

- leave cap off gas can - water gets in

- Old gas - sitting around for months

Regardless of how he got it, the tech spent an hour at our shop while we diagnosed the problem, removed the bad gas from the tank, cleaned the carburetor, etc.

Don't let this happen to your pest control equipment or weed control sprayers.