Extend Your Weed Control Sprayer Life

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 10, 2007

IHere are a few ideas to extend the life of your weed control spray rig.

1. Herbicides are very tough on sprayers (generally much worse then insecticides). The herbicides can eat rubber o-rings, hoses, diaphragms, etc. After each use, be sure to use all the herbicide. Rinse the tank with clean water. Run clean water through the hose and gun.

2. Often these small 25 Gallon electric weed control sprayers do not come with a line strainer/filter. A filter prevents debris from entering and damaging your pump. You may want to add a small line strainer to protect your pump.

3. Never leave your sprayer under pressure. When done spraying, squeeze the trigger to release the pressure.

These simple items can vastly extend the life of your sprayer. Good luck with the knapweed. andrew greess