Equipment Safety Checklist Part #1

Equipment Safety Checklist Part #1

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 14, 2014

  1. Is your Equipment secured?

Check hand sprayers, backpack sprayers , ladders and other equipment to make sure it will not go flying in an emergency (e.g., accident, sudden stops, avoidance maneuvers, etc.).  Check the hose reel to ensure it’s locked to prevent hose from unrolling down the road.

  1. Is Visibility good? - Does equipment or truck design make it difficult to see behind the vehicle or in blind spots? If so, adjust equipment or consider supplementing side view mirrors to give the driver better visibility. hose_reel_QSpray
  1. Is it attached?  - Check toolbox, water tank and power spray rig to make sure they are securely fastened to the vehicle. Materials wear out, rust, fatigue, stretch, etc.   Bolts come loose.   Just because it’s in your truck, don’t assume it is attached.  Check to be sure.  You don’t want these components flying out of the truck in an emergency.
  1. Is your PPE in good shape?  - Check Personal protective equipment to make sure:
  • It’s there
  • It’s uncontaminated
  • It’s in good shape
  • It’s not expired.