EPA's Stance on Rodenticides Has Changed!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Apr 1, 2011


The following restrictions apply to first-generation anticoagulants or non-anticoagulant rodenticide products, intended for agricultural use or for use by professional applicators (pest control operators).

  • Bait need not be sold in or with bait stations, but labels must require use of bait stations where children, domesticated animals, or non-target wildlife may be exposed (this is not a new requirement).
  • Products may contain the following active ingredients: warfarin, diphacinone, chlorophacinone, zinc phosphide, bromethalin, and cholecalciferol.
  • Any form of bait is acceptable, including meal, pelleted, or block forms.
  • This product may only be used inside and within 50 feet of buildings or inside of transport vehicles (ships, trains, or aircraft).
  • Product may not be sold in packaging that holds less than 4 lbs. of bait.

Many thanks to James Rodriguez, JT Eaton, rodent expert