Emergency Repair Kits Part #1

Emergency Repair Kits Part #1

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 28, 2014

Pest control spray equipment breakdowns can wreak havoc on your schedule, impact your customers and hurt company profitability. Yet with a little planning some downtime can be avoided.

Here is one simple tip. Keep easy-to-replace parts in each truck so that minor repairs can be completed in the field. A repair in the field allows technicians to avoid a trip across town to the repair shop and thus complete their scheduled stops without customer impact.


Pest control equipment wears out. Parts need to be replaced. You will need to buy there parts anyway, you might as well have them when and where you need them.

Pest control sprayers refers to B&G Sprayers, Birchmeier backpacks, pest control spray rigs. Here are some ideas for parts for your emergency repair kit:

Compressed Air Sprayers: Rubber parts swell or wear out with exposure to pesticides. (Note: some of the natural, botanical products are even tougher on rubber). Examples of parts to keep in your kit: check valve, lid gasket, tip, tip o-rings, etc.

Birchmeier Backpack Sprayers: spray tip, o-rings, filter, lid gasket, check valve, etc.