Discover the Hannay 1500 Series Heavy-Duty Manual Hose Reels

Discover the Hannay 1500 Series Heavy-Duty Manual Hose Reels

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 29, 2017

The Hannay 1500 hose reel series is a manual wind reel and made of heavy duty steel, possibly the most durable hose reel we've seen on the market. Every part of this reel is ready to work and last for a long period of time. But in case it doesn't there is a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. 

The output fitting on the reel is bent so that the hose won't get kinked. The reel-lock blows away the competition made of super heavy duty steel and the reel comes with a 5,000 psi super swivel on it. carries the variety of models Hannay makes. The differences between the models is the distance/size between the discs, so depending on how much hose you need to reel on will help you determine which model to buy: 1520, 1522 or maybe the 1526. 

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Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment & Spray, Today, I'm talking about the Hannay Hose Reel.

This is the Hannay 1500 series. It's a manual hose reel. It has a super heavy‑duty hose reel. It's a wonderful product for pest and landscape, comes with a number of great features.

It's about the heaviest duty steel and the most durable hose reel we've seen. It comes with a heavy‑duty reel lock, much heavier duty than any of the competition, comes with a 5,000‑psi Super Swivel on it. It comes with the output fitting which is curved so your hose does not kink here.

Generally, it's a much heavier‑duty hose reel than a lot of the other products on the market. The 1500 series is measured by the size between the discs. We have a number of different sizes ranging from the 1520, the 1522, the 1526, depending on how much hose you want to put on there. Please visit us at, and thanks for watching.