Cox Hose Reels - How to Ensure A Chemical Leak

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jan 3, 2013

Cox hose reels can be an important component of your pest control / weed control power sprayers. This photo shows a problem we frequently see on the Cox Reels.

cox reels how to ensure a chemical leakThere is too much weight hanging off this Cox Hose Reel Swivel. There are a couple of steel fittings and a ball valve. This weight puts too much weight and stress on the orings in the Cox Hose Reel Swivel.

There are 2 rubber orings and two teflon orings in the hose reel swivel. Chemicals, pressure, hard use and extreme temperatures are hard on these orings. You need to plan on rebuilding the swivel periodically. Hanging all this additional weight on the swivel, along with the additional torque from opening & closing the ball valve, signficantly reduce o-ring life. When an o-ring wears out, your hose reel leaks chemicals.

Inspect your reel and move any heavy plumbing to another location.

Keep an extra o-ring kit on hand to do maintenance and prevent leaks.