Cox Hose Reels - Common Sense

Cox Hose Reels - Common Sense

Posted by Andrew Greess on Aug 26, 2012

Cox hose reels are an important part of a pest control sprayer or weed control spray rig. Like other components, some common sense is required when operating your Cox reel.

One look at these photos will confirm the old adage that common sense is not too common.

pest control sprayer hose problem

The technician was allowing the hose to rub against the vehicle when winding the hose. 2 obvious issues:

1. Pest control company needs to be inspecting his pest control vehicles.

2. Pest control tech needs a serious attitude adjustment.

But wait, there's more.....

In this photo, the damage is even worse. The hose is digging grooves into the pest control vehicle bed liner. If this is what is happening the hard plastic liner, what's happnening to the hose? Can you say "chemical spill"?

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