Cool New Pest Control Product - Buzz Duster - Long Reach Duster

Cool New Pest Control Product - Buzz Duster - Long Reach Duster

Posted by Andrew Greess on Sep 15, 2019

New - Buzz Duster - Long Reach 20' Pest Control Duster

"A great tool for those hard to reach areas"

buzz duster pest control duster

The Buzz Duster Deluxe Kit is a professional grade  insect duster, aerosol spraying tool and scraper designed to get pest control product in hard to reach areas, such as bee colonies, carpenter bee holes, wasp nests, or other areas that are difficult to treat with typical handheld dusters.

The Buzz Duster comes with a telescoping 20' pole, that when fully assembled with the dusting attachment/aerosol attachment can reach heights over 21 feet high!

With Buzz Duster  Pest Control Duster you can quickly and easily reach under eaves, under shingles, around and under gutters, around window frames and shutters, soffits, fascia boards, siding and more.

buzz duster pest control duster When using the  pesticide duster tool, a handle at one end of the pole is used to pump air all the way through the extension to the dusting canister and tip on the other end, causing dust to be expelled. The dusting canister holds up to 1 cup of dust. For aerosol cans, a rip cord is pulled which expels the aerosol at the end of the pole.

Each Buzz Duster Deluxe Kit comes with 20' foot extension poles, a dust canister and dusting tip with a pump handle, an aerosol tool for spraying aerosol cans, a scraper tool and a convenient canvas carrying bag. 

Check out what you get when you order the Buzz Duster  Long Reach Duster.

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