Comparing Commercial vs Regular Grade B&G Portable Units

Comparing Commercial vs Regular Grade B&G Portable Units

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 16, 2016

There are 4 models of the  B&G Portable Aerosol Sprayer (PAS). The two main differences in the models are the sprayer wand length – there is a 9" wand that fits conveniently inside the box. The 18" wand does not and must be carried outside of the unit. The other main difference is there is a Regular and Commercial unit, the commercial unit having an exhaust fan to keep the unit cool with all day, every day use. If you instead to be a heavy user of the unit we highly suggest the commercial unit with the fan. 

Another key point we want to stress when using a B&G PAS you should always have the air valve either all the way open or all the way closed. Trying to adjust the flow of the spray with the air line can cause liquid to be pushed into the air lines and chemicals can make their way into the compressor. B&G will not warranty the unit if it's found to have chemical in the air lines from improper use. Check out to see more of the B&G Portable Aerosol Sprayer units and all the  repair and replacement parts that we carry.

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess at Quality Equipment and Spray, Today I'm going to talk to you about a very popular pest control product, the B&G PAS or portable aerosol sprayer.

A lot of people are confused because there seem to be quite a few options with the portable aerosol sprayer. I'm going to go through those options with you. This is a terrific unit for aerosol application.

It's a lot cheaper than some of the other models on the market and it really is a nice unit. It's from B&G who is as you know a leader in the pest control industry. There are basically four different models. There's 16 27, 1629, 1630, and 1640. I had a cheat sheet here that tells me which is which, but I'm too old I can't read it.

Basically there are two different options for each sprayer. There's the 9 inch wand and the 18 inch wand is the bigger option. The biggest difference there is the nine inch wand actually fits in the box. With the 18 inch wand it doesn't fit in the box, so you have to carry it separately. That's a big difference there.

The next difference is there's the regular grade unit and the commercial grade unit. The difference is the commercial grade unit has this exhaust fan, and so for light users the regular duty unit is fine. If you are a heavy duty professional user we strongly recommend the commercial unit with the fan. It will keep your unit cool and running for long periods of time.

If you are running a regular unit, you are going to have to stop periodically, let it cool off over the box. If you are trying to use it all day every day you want to go with the commercial unit. Now, one of the key points I want to make on the PAS is there's obviously two different lines here. There the air line and the liquid line.

The liquid line is controlled with the handle here and air line is controlled with this little plastic valve. It's really important that you use the sprayer with the air all the way off or all the way on. All the way on will give you a really nice, fine aerosol mist. All the way off will give you a squirt, a spray that will probably be 20 or 30 feet.

It's a really nice feature, but what some people try to do is adjust the flow rate by adjusting the air. That's a really bad idea, because if the air is not all the way on and all the way off, then the pressure of the water will force its way into the air line and you'll get chemical in the air line and chemical in the compressor, and B&G will not warranty that.

Use your portable aerosol sprayer or your PAS with the air all the way off which will be down or all the way on which should be horizontal.

I hope this helps. Thanks so much for watching. Please visit us to get all your B&G portable aerosol sprayers or your either B&G equipment at Thanks for watching.