Company Growth Strategy Should Drive Spray Equipment Selection

Company Growth Strategy Should Drive Spray Equipment Selection

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 12, 2014

Is your company looking to grow and expand in 2015? Hopefully the answer is yes. But how? What spray equipment should a company buy? Why do technicians seem to take so long on each stop? How can the company boost productivity? These are some of the questions companies should ask when considering spray equipment purchases.

Too many companies buy the lowest price equipment or the one that was available at the time. When selecting spray equipment, operating strategy should determine equipment selection.

Here are examples of operating strategy:


  • Will the vehicle be servicing residential or commercial accounts?
  • What’s the treatment plan for these accounts – inside, outside or both?
  • Will the technician be power spraying each property or using a compressed air sprayer for most stops?
  • How many gallons of product will be applied at each stop?
  • How many stops will the technician make each day?
  • Are there any difficult-to-reach application areas?
  • Are technicians trained as universal techs (they perform every service the company offers), or are they specialized?

Once these and similar questions have been asked and answered, the spray equipment selection process can begin.

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