Commercial Pest Control Sprayers - Fix Serious Problems Now

Commercial Pest Control Sprayers - Fix Serious Problems Now

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 22, 2018

If you have ever read my blog, you may think that I am trying to get you to fix ever single problem on your commercial pest control sprayer or your weed sprayer immediately. That is not the case. I think serious spray equipment problems need to be dealt with promptly to reduce downtime, injuries, chemical spills and repair expense. Minor equipment problems can wait until the next regularly scheduled maintenance.

spray trailer equipment problem rustThis photo of a commercial pest control sprayer trailer, clearly falls into the "Fix Now" category.

This is a rusted out fender on a spray trailer.

Think about what happens to your skin (or clothes) if you catch it on the rust. The injury is compounded because the trailer probably has chemicals on it. You can do some serious damage here.

In my mind this is too dangerous to live with. I don't think the operator needs a new trailer but a new fender doesn't cost that much. Can afford a fender, bolt a piece of steel over the rusted out portion of the fender.

This situation is exceptionally odd because I took this photo in Phoenix where it is very dry. We don't see many rusted vehicles.