Clean Out Your Birchmeier Backpack for Longer Life, Less Downtime

Clean Out Your Birchmeier Backpack for Longer Life, Less Downtime

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 19, 2016

Birchmeier backpacks are great tools for pest & weed control professionals.  Like most things they require a little care.  One of the simplest things you can do to reduce problems is to clean out your Birchmeier Backpack sprayer.  

These photos are a great example of why this is important: Cleaning Birchmeier Backpack

The first photo shows chemical residue in the  Birchmeier tank.  Eventually the residue can find its way into the sprayer.  

The 2nd photo shows chemical debris in the check valve.  I promise you, if you have this much crap in your Birchmeier check valve, your sprayer will not pump up properly. If you keep pumping, you may cause significant damage.  

The 3rd photo, shows gunk which found its way into the Birchmeier spray handle.  There is no way that problems don't occur.  Think about how little debris is necessary to clog your Birchmeier tip.


1. Clean out your Birchmeier tank regularly and flush the entire system with clean water. I recommend weekly but most of us will do it weakly!

2.  Check and clean out both Birchmeier filters (lid, spray handle) regularly.

3.  Annually, tear down your Backpack, clean it thoroughly and replace  Birchmeier o-rings and worn parts.

Any thoughts, suggestions or great photos appreciated.  Thanks.  Andrew Greess  (with a face like this, I better know what I am talking about ;-)

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