Can I Get Parts with that Equipment?

Can I Get Parts with that Equipment?

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 14, 2018

Can I Get Parts with that Equipment?

When purchasing pest/landscape equipment – don’t forget to ask about repair/replacement parts

A prospective customer called me today and asked if we stocked an input hose barb for an obscure diaphragm pump he bought to build his own landscape spray rig.

I asked if he knew the part number. He did not. I asked him if he had the parts diagram for his pump. He did not.

ar 43281 kit for d252

I told him it was highly unlikely that we had the part, but that we could order it. I advised him this was not a commonly used pump in our local market and it was highly unlikely he would find it in town. The only immediate thing I could do for him was send him the parts diagram for his pump, then order him the part.

In other words, he was out of business because he didn’t have a $5 plastic part.

I don’t have any problem with a customer building his own power spray equipment as long as he/she knows what he is doing. I would ask if working on equipment is a better use of his time than growing his business. If it is, great. Knock yourself out.

Though we do have a saying we have in our shop:

“When you have a toothache you can go to dental school or you can go to the dentist”.

Clearly this guy was going to dental school.  And it was costing him plenty.

I want to use his foibles as a teaching moment for one important point. 

When buying any piece of pest control equipment, landscape equipment, spray equipment (or any kind of equipment for your business for that matter),


This is absolutely critical. It doesn’t matter what you are buying or how good it is. If you are using it every day in your business, it will need service. Service means parts.

If I were buying a piece of equipment for my business, here are some questions I would ask:

- What parts will need to be replaced first?

- How often will I need to service the unit?

- Where do I get parts?

- Do you keep parts in stock?

- How long will it take me to get parts?

- What parts/kits do you recommend I keep in stock?

- Can we do the service in-house or is specialized expertise/tools required?

Remember, pest control equipment or landscape spray equipment that doesn't have parts available is throwaway.   Ask questions before you buy.

Hope this helps.  Comments?

Paid ad: At Qspray, we view it as our job to stock the parts you need.  If we sell a piece of equipment, we strive to stock all the parts needed to repair it. Thanks for shopping