Bug Off Pest Control NY Pest Expo

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 9, 2014

If you live in the NY Metro area, check out the Bug Off Pest Control New York Pest Expo!

This great event is organized by my friend and colleague Andy Linares, President of Bug Off Pest Control Center.

Get smart.  Get credits!

The New York Pest Expo has become the most important one-day event in pest management. The Expo continues to grow in influence and scope and the 2014 “Renewal Edition” promises to be bigger and better than ever with more exhibitors & attendees than in years past. Come celebrate with leading professionals. View exhibits and discuss product features with major manufacturers and business support providers. Take advantage of great promotions and blowout pricing on supplies and equipment. Nobody leaves the Expo empty-handed! Last chance to earn recertification credits in 2014.

Here is a list of the terrific speakers:

Joe Barile, BCE:
General Entomology for PMPs

Dr. Bobby Corrigan:
Rodent Management Updates

Jeff McGovern:
A Survey of Essential Equipment

Dan Gordon, CPA:
Mastering Your Business’ Key Performance Indicators

Dr. Bill Robinson:
Hit Them Where They Live – Pests and Their Harborages

Dr. Nicola Gallagher:
Termites – New Findings in Behavior and Control

Lou Sorkin, BCE:
What Got Stuck? – A Guide to Glueboard Captures