Bora Care Treatments Are No Problem With Heated Sprayer

Bora Care Treatments Are No Problem With Heated Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 26, 2013

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Lots of termite companies are using borates for termite pretreat jobs.  The challenge is that borates can be difficult to apply.  Products like Bora-Care are difficult to keep mixed in the tank.  The material can settle to the bottom of the tank which causes 2 problems:

1. Uneven chemical application rates, which can lead to unsatisfactory results, and

2. Chemical buildup in tank, which can take hours to clean and clog pumps, spray guns and tips.

We have the answer for your Bora Care termite treatments. Our heated Bora-Care sprayers keep the material heated, in suspension and mixed so you get a perfect application.

The 50 Gallon borate sprayer uses a 12-volt pumptec pump and an aluminum heating element that ties into the vehicle's heating system (radiator) to keep the tank contents warm and jet agitation to keep it mixed.

bora care heated sprayer

Bora Care heated sprayer with Pumptec 12 Volt Pump

The Bora Care Sprayer is designed for Borate application on a professional scale. The 50 gallon tank and Pumptec 12-volt pump are sized for large volume production schedules - treat 40,000 - 60,000 feet per day with this highly productive sprayer.

This is the only Bora Care Sprayer with a HEATER to keep the Bora Care blended. Prevents the crystalization that occurs with most other units, particularly in colder climates.

Comes complete with 300' of 3/8" chemical hose and Green Garde spray gun.

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