Birchmeier Backpacks 5 Key Tips

Birchmeier Backpacks 5 Key Tips

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 29, 2011

Birchmeier Backpack is the best backpack sprayer you can buy, IF you take care of it. If you don't take care of it, it is a waste of money and you should buy a cheapo at the home store.

Birchmeier backpack sprayer

Some Birchmeier care reminders:

1. Don't overpressurize

2. Release the pressure after each stop

3. Keep it well lubricated

4. Clean it out periodically

5. Do preventative maintenance.

Quite a few of the Birchmeier backpack sprayers that are brought to us are for very simple repairs that could have been performed by the technician. Here are a few key parts that are worth stocking so you can perform minor repairs yourself to save time and save money.

- Lid gasket

- Check valve

- O-ring kit

- Replacement tip

- Hose connector (barb)

- Extra strap.

All these items are available on our Birchmeier Parts page of our website.