B&G Termite Sub Slab Injector Kit Sprayer

Posted by Andrew Greess on Oct 21, 2015

Pests hid everywhere, even under concrete slabs. You can't just dig it up, to spray some pesticide down. There is a easier and faster method to get at bugs and pests in hard to reach areas and the B&G Termite Sub Slab Injector is just the tool you need. There are two different lengths to choose from the SSI - 14 which is 28" or the SSI-4 which is 18", great for crawl space use or under sinks.   With the Sprayer length of your selection you receive an additional 6" extension rod and two sprayer tips: 360 degree and 180 degree. It has the traditional Versatool style valve but an additional locking mechanism to avoid any chemical splash back. Visit where we sell all the parts you'll need to repair, rebuild or modify them for your needs. There are many other tips available for these sprayers than what comes in the box.

Andrew Greess: This is Andrew Greess of Quality Equipment & Spray. Today, I'm here to talk about the B&G SubSlab Injector for termite work, SubSlab Injector also known as the SSI.

There are two versions of the SSI. They're exactly the same except for the length of the pipe. The longer one is the SSI-14. The shorter one is the SSI-4.

They're both great tools. It's just personal preference. If you're doing a lot of tight work in a crawlspace or under a sink, the shorter one might work for you. If you're not that constrained, then the longer one is probably a little bit more comfortable to use.

It uses the Versatool style valve. It uses a different type of lockdown mechanism, though. The way the SSI locks down is you use this lockdown mechanism, and this expands the seal, right here, which creates a seal so that you don't have chemical splash up in your face.

In the box with the SSI, you get whichever of the two tools you selected. You get the six inch extension, and you get two tips. They're two gallon a minute tips. One is a 360 degree tip, one is a 180 degree tip.

Then, you get the parts breakdown and the instructions. That's what comes in the box. One of the things I'd like to share about is we not only sell the SubSlab Injectors, we sell all the parts to repair them or rebuild them.

There's actually quite a few more tips. We have all the tips available that you could possibly need. Please come visit us at, and thanks for watching.