B&G Termite Rod Kits - Regular & Professional

B&G Termite Rod Kits - Regular & Professional

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 25, 2015

We carry all the B&G Termite Rod Kits at Based on the valve: Versagun, Versatool and the QCG (Quick Change Gun) there are a number of kits available to choose from to fit your needs. Each kit is available in Regular or Professional, the difference between the two being the Professional kits have a check valve at the bottom of each of the pipes. The Regular kits, which we prefer, have a Shut-off valve at the front of the gun for easy removal of the gun or tool currently being used and switching in a new tool/gun. Each kit comes complete with three stainless steel rods - 12 inch 7/16", 40 inch 7/16" and 40 inch 5/8", a foot ram assembly for the smaller 12 inch 7/16" rod, 4 sprayer tips and a splash guard. carries all these kits, all the replacement parts for B&G sprayers and other sprayer tips that are available.

Andrew Greess: Hi, I'm Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment & Spray. Today, I'm here to talk about the B&G Termite Rod kits. They make a number of kits, which are based on the valve, which we talked about in our last issue. This is the Versagun. This is the Versatool. This is the QCG or Quick Change Gun.

For each one of these guns, there's two kits ‑‑ the regular and the professional. The main difference is the professional has a check valve at the bottom of each of the pipes.

We prefer the regular kits with a shutoff valve in front of the gun, so that you can take the gun off and put a pest control gun or a different tool on there. But that's just personal preference.

Each one of these Termite Rod kits comes with three pipes. We've got the 12 inch, 7/16 inch stainless steel pipe. We've got the longer 40 inch, 7/16 inch stainless steel pipe. We've got the much wider, 5/8 inch 40‑inch stainless steel pipe.

All these have pretty much garden hose fittings that screw on the end of the valve. It makes it really quick to change from one tool to another. The short tool is great for tight areas like under sinks, and in crawl spaces.

Each of these sets comes with the Foot Ram assembly, which goes on the end of a pipe and allows you to step on it.

This actually fits the smaller 7/16 inch pipe and creates a seal here with the ACS cone. We also have a little splash plate. There are four tips that come with each one of these sets. These are a variety of tips. There's one for the bigger pipe, and three for the smaller pipes.

Unfortunately, my eyesight is not good enough to tell you exactly what tips they are. Please be assured that at, we sell all these parts. We sell all the tips that are available, and there's quite a few more tips that available than just these. They're all available at

Please come and see us there. Thanks for watching.