B&G Sprayers – Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot!

B&G Sprayers – Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 16, 2012

When it comes to B&G Pest Control Sprayers, I have shared my two cents worth of advice:

- Clean it out
- Don’t overpressurize it
- Release the pressure after each stop
- Keep it well lubricated
- Perform preventative maintenance.

These are still good ideas. Unfortunately we see lots of damage to B&G from negligence. Here are some key points:


  1. B&G Sprayer wand is NOT a crowbar. Don’t use it to open gates, cabinet doors, etc.
  2. Store your B&G Sprayer securely in your vehicle. Just because it’s in the truck, doesn’t mean it’s secure. Lots of damage occurs from B&G Sprayers rolling around the back of the vehicle.
  3. Don’t clean the tip with your knife, a nail, a pin, etc. These will damage the tip and pattern and cost you more in chemical usage. Use an old toothbrush and gentle soap. If you can’t clean it out this way, get a new tip.
  4. Don’t expose the sprayer to freezing temperatures.
  5. If you are the boss, inspect your tech’s B&G’s to make sure they are complying with your maintenance guidelines.
  6. Keep spare parts readily available so you don’t have expensive downtime because of a $3 part.
  7. Your B&G spray tip wears out. Every year it puts out about 10% more chemical then the year before. A new tip is cheaper than 10% more chemical. Replace tips annually. If you don't use all of the 4 options on the B&G 4-way tip, you can replace it with a much cheaper Spraying Systems tip. Email me for more details on this.

Your B&G Sprayer is a critical business tool. A little care goes a long way toward profitable results.

Please share your B&G tips and comments.