B&G Sprayers - Clean That Filter for Productivity & Profit

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 6, 2013

The B&G Sprayer is the lifeblood of most pest control professionals. We use our B&Gs every day to service our clients. We rely on it as much as we rely on our truck. It is critical to treat the B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer like the important piece of equipment that it is.

B&G 1 Gallon sprayer filterOne of the most important things a pest professional can do to ensure great performance from their B&G is to check and clean the filter.

A clogged B&G filter will cause downtime, missed appointments and unnecessary repair expense.

Check out the B&G filters in these two photos. Both were brought into our pest control equipment repair shop for service.

Of course we appreciate the business, but I think it is crazy for a pest control professional to pay someone else to clean their filter. This is something every pest control technician should be responsible for him or herself.

Unfortunately, it does take two wrenches to open the spray wand to get to the filter. This is probably the reason these filters don't get checked more frequently.

B&G pest sprayer - clogged filterPhoto: Top - old B&G Filter screen that had not been cleaned in quite some time.

Bottom: what a new B&G filter screen looks like.

Key Points:

1. Your B&G Sprayer is critical to your business; take care of it.

2. Inspect and clean your B&G filter screen periodically (at least monthly)

3. If you are a pest technician and don't know how to do it, ASK.

4. If you are the Company owner or manager inspect your tech's B&Gs to ensure they are being properly cared for.

5. Don't assume techncians are doing it right. Provide reinforcement training to technicians on B&G's proper care and maintenance.

6. Keep spare parts, such as filter screens available to avoid downtime.

7. Consider keeping a backup B&G to prevent downtime.

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