B&G Sprayers - Clean it Out or Pay Up!

B&G Sprayers - Clean it Out or Pay Up!

Posted by Andrew Greess on May 29, 2011

B&G Sprayers are standard issue pest control equipment. B&G 1 Gallon Sprayers can provide years of reliable service if properly serviced and maintained. Like all spray equipment, you must clean the filter. This photo shows a badly clogged B&G Sprayer filter.

B&G 1 Gallon sprayer filter

This debris prevented the tech from completing his route.

It is, or should be, the technician's job to maintain his or her B&G in good working order.  This includes regular cleaning of filter and other maintenance.

Pest Control Supervisors, Managers and Owners should do a periodic check of technician B&Gs to ensure compliance with proper maintenance policies.

Cleanring the filter on all  pest control sprayers will prevent avoidable downtime and missed appointments.