B&G Sprayer – Tips for your Tips

B&G Sprayer – Tips for your Tips

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jul 11, 2012

Tips to save money on your B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer:

-     Tip Cleaning – Follow manufacturer directions for cleaning tips. This usually includes using a soft bristle brush and mild cleaner. Wire brushes, pins, pocketknives, etc. will destroy tips.

-     Tip Wear – One study reported that brass tips wear out at about 10% per year. This means every year your tip is putting out 10% more product than it was last year. A new B&G Tip (about $20) is cheaper than a 10% increase in chemical cost.

-     Prevent Downtime - Keep the old tip as a backup. Store in the vehicle in your emergency repair kit.

-     B&G Sprayer 4-Way Tip – is great if you use multiple spray patterns. If you only use 1 or 2 of the patterns, substituting industry available Spraying Systems parts is cheaper and easier. See the 2 photos. 

pest control sprayers lift weights

= The 1st shows the typical B&G Sprayer assembly (wand, modified assembly, tip, retaining ring). This tip assembly is about $45 in parts (excluding the wand).

= The 2 nd photo shows how to do it with industry standard parts. The modified assembly is removed. All that is needed is the tip and the retaining ring. This tip assembly is about $10 in parts.

b&g sprayer tips for your tips

- Secure your B&G sprayer in the truck. Lots of B&G sprayers get damaged from rolling around in the back of the vehicle or being crushed by other unsecured equipment.

- It’s a Spray Wand not a Crowbar – Our repair shop sees many B&G sprayers’ wands and tips that are damaged from opening gates, moving trash & debris, being dragged on the ground and other inappropriate uses.

Hope this helps.