B&G 3 Termite Valves: VersaGun, Versatool & Quick Change Gun

B&G 3 Termite Valves: VersaGun, Versatool & Quick Change Gun

Posted by Andrew Greess on Dec 29, 2015

Andrew Greess of Quality Equipment and Spray explains the differences between each of B&G's Termite Valves. The most popular is the aluminum VersaGun. Our favorite at is the Versa-Tool valve, with the two plastic handles. The big difference is where the hose comes into the valve. On the Versa-Tool it comes in on the front and the VersaGun from the side. We've seen on the VersaGun where the hose's screw fittings can actually break, leaving you an expensive problem. The last of the valves is the Quick Change Gun (QCG) that takes a standard garden hose attachment. The tool is also designed to be changed from a termite rod tool to a pest control spray gun. At Qspray we carry all three termite valves and all their replacement or repair parts should you ever be in need of those.

Andrew Greess: Hi, I'm Andrew Greess with Quality Equipment & Spray. Today, I'm here to talk about the B&G Termite Valves. As you know, B&G is the industry leader in termite control equipment, and they've made three primary valves for their termite rod systems.

Probably the most common is the VersaGun. This is the silver one. It's actually an aluminum handle, and the hose for this one feeds in on the side. It takes 3/8 inch male pipe thread going in, and this is a valve shut‑off. It shuts off here. This is probably the most common and most popular of the termite valves.

The next one is the Versa-Tool. This is the one with the two plastic handles. Sometimes these are yellow. This also shuts off here at the valve, but one of the main differences on this one is the hose comes in, in the front here, instead of in the side. This is probably my favorite of all the valves. I think this one's a little bit more durable than this one, the VersaGun.

The one challenge I have with this gun is we have seen it where, if you're not careful and you don't handle this properly, the fitting that screws in here can actually break a valve, and that's an expensive problem to have. We prefer the Versa‑Tool, but it's all personal preference.

Then the last of the three termite valves is what's called a QCG or Quick Change Gun. This one, unlike the other ones, takes 3/4 inch male garden hose to screw in there. It's real quick and easy to change this out. It's also designed to be quick and easy to change from a termite rod tool to a pest control spray gun. Again, this is the B&G QCG, Quick Change Gun, also known as the ROBCO Quick Change Gun.

Those are the three primary valves. We have them all available at Again, one of the things that differentiates from our competition is we have all the parts to service each and every one of these valves. Please visit us at

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