Backpack Sprayers - Now That's a Good Plan!

Backpack Sprayers - Now That's a Good Plan!

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 20, 2013

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Backpack sprayers are critical equipment for many pest control & weed control companies.  We  have sold and repaired many hundreds of Birchmeier Backpacks as well as numerous other brands.  I have seen many companies waste lots of money on backpack sprayers.

I have developed a backpack sprayer strategy that covers selection, use maintenance and calibration of Birchmeier Backpack sprayers (and other models as well).

Here is the slideshare presentation I gave to the New Mexico Vegetation Management Assocation last week in Albuquerque.

Adopting a rational approach to backpack sprayers will:

- Save Money

- Reduce Downtime

- Reduce Missed Appointments

- Increase employee satisfaction.

Backpacks sprayers selection use maintenance calibration from Quality Equipment & Spray

The presentation was well received by the NM audience. As a side note, this type of rational approach to equipment will work on most types of spray equipment