B & G Sprayers - A Math Lesson

Posted by Andrew Greess on Nov 6, 2010

Last month I posted a comment that the tip on your B&G Sprayer wears out, increasing your chemical cost 10% per year.  My suggestion to be aware of this hidden cost was met with scorn by one reader.

A certain Mr. RT Garrett thought my advice insignificant.  Here is his comment: " Funny it goes up 10% when the average inside spray costs $2.00. Get real give us real help when times are hard."

RT, you obviously slept through math class so let me help you.  Starting with your figure of $2/chemical cost per home.  $2 x 10 homes sprayed per day x 5 days per week = $100 weekly chemical cost.  If you take 2 weeks vacation, your annual chemical cost is 50 weeks x $100 = $5000.

If you don't replace your B&G 1 gallon sprayer tip, the 10% wear will cost you $500/year ($5000 x 10%).  For the cost of a new tip (less than $20), you can save $500!   If you use a  power sprayer and have higher chemical costs, your savings will be greater.

RT, thanks for your comment, although it may not have been your intention, you helped me clarify my point. (and boy are you dumb)