Actisol Machines - Great Pest Control Equipment - with Proper Maintenance

Actisol Machines - Great Pest Control Equipment - with Proper Maintenance

Posted by Andrew Greess on Feb 28, 2012

Actisol machines are a great pest control tool, if properly mainained.

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Here are some tips:

- Don't mix oil-based and water-based products in the Actisol. They can form a gummy residue that clogs hoses, tips, etc. If you want to switch from one to the other, thoroughly clean the system first.

- If you use the unit infrequently, only mix what you need. Do not store chemical in the tank.

- You can clean water based products out with water. Oil based products can be cleaned with mineral spirits or a mix of ammonia and water.

- A good operating setting is 12-15 PSI.

- When using oil-based products, it is a good idea to backflush the chemical line after every use. Here is the procedure:

1. while the unit is running, turn the Pressure Regulator off (counter clockwise all the way)

2. Push the Pressure Relief button to let the pressure out of the tank

3. Unscrew the lid

4. Use your index finger (with proper PPE) to block the end of the tip.

5. Squeeze the trigger. This will force air back into the chemical line and push all the chemical back into the tank.

Share Actisol tips you have developed. We now sell Actisol Machines & Actisol Repair Parts.

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