Ace Roller Pumps - Now In Stock

Ace Roller Pumps - Now In Stock

Posted by Andrew Greess on Jun 7, 2023

Roller pumps can be a great pump for pest control power sprayers and weed control spray rigs.

ace roller pumps

In the past we have built thousands of power sprayers with Hypro Roller Pumps.  Unfortunately, Hypro is having production problems building roller pumps and we have not been able to get them consistently.

We now stock Ace Roller Pumps and repair kits.  As of the time of this blog post, we have the Ace RP-600C 6-Roller Pump and the Ace RP-800C 8-Roller Pump.  These pumps are Cast.  We eventually we stock the XL versions as soon as they are available.

The Ace Roller pumps and repair kits are interchangeable with the equivalent Hypro roller pumps. If you have a Hypro roller pump that has failed, you can install the Ace Roller Pump or rebuild it with the Ace Roller Pump Repair kit.